Industrial Rehabilitation

Nothing is better for a company’s bottom line than keeping its people working on it. Our industrial rehabilitation team consists of therapists with advanced professional training from Ergoscience, Inc., an independent research institute associated with the University of Alabama at Birmingham medical center. The ultimate goal of our industrial rehabilitation team is to return every injured worker to his or her job as quickly and as safely as possible. We believe in good communication and the promotion of a team approach with the patient’s employer, physician, case manager, adjuster, and other patient representatives working to create an affordable and safe work environment.

In the words of Ben Franklin , “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. No matter the industry, the greatest most common cause of employee absence is due to back, neck, and cumulative trauma injuries. The expense of diagnosing and treating a single injury requiring surgery is greater than the cost of a prevention and treatment program for an entire company.

Our cost savings injury prevention programs include:
• OSHA Approved Job Description Design
• Ergonomic Assessment
• Injury Prevention Consultation
• On-Site Rehabilitation Services
• Post-Offer Employment Screenings
• Employee Safety Training

By providing injury prevention services to companies throughout our nation, our team of industrial rehabilitation experts can significantly reduce workers compensation costs to each company while providing a safe work environment for their employees. This translates into prosperous companies with healthy motivated employees. This is what America needs now!

In spite of a company’s best effort, injuries will still occur. And when they do, we have the solution. We will not only provide an injured worker with the best clinical treatment to improve the pain, swelling, limited range of motion, weakness, and poor functional mobility but we will also, transition the injured worker back into their job safely through our Work Conditioning and Work Hardening Program. And to ensure that an injured worker can return safely to his/her job duties we can provide a company with a Functional Capacity Evaluation and/or a Job Site Analysis if necessary.