Tribute to All, Current & Past, Who Built This Company

The success of Professional Therapy Services, Inc. could not have happened without ongoing answered prayers from the Lord and the extremely hard work, intelligence, dedication, loyalty, passion, and sacrificial hours from the following people:

All referral sources, case managers, and insurance companies that trust us with their patients
The parents and family of Stewart Atkins
The parents and family of Michael Fulton
The parents and family of Dene Fulton
The parents and family of Bill Thomas
The parents and family of Brian King
The owners & staff of Coastal Management Services
Albright, S.
Anders, A.
Atkins, A.
Atkins, L, III
Barron, D.G.
Baxter, E. S.
Benedict, J.F.
Bienvenu, M.C.
Bilbo, A.L.
Bishop, J.W.
Bliss, C.C.
Boatright, B.
Boleware, M
Bowden, S. M.
Box, B. R.
Bramlett, V.
Briones, M.L
Brock, P.K.
Brown, J.
Browning, M.M.
Bueno, J.P
Burns, C. A.
Butler, K.R.
Butler, T.
Calandruccio, K.S.
Campbell, W.E.
Carter, M.K.
Clark, C.
Clark, N.L.
Clarke, D. L
Clingan-Smith, L.W.
Coleman, K.
Cousar, K.D.
Crimm, C.
Daniels, S.C.
Davis, S.
Dickens, L.A.
Doler, D.
Donaldson, M.R.
Drewrey, C.A., Jr.
Dubourg, K.N.
Dyer, G.
Eaton, J. C
Ethridge, J.L.
Evans, J.B.
Farmer, S.
Fields, E.
Fleming, E. T.
Fox, B.M.
Franks, J.S.
Freeny, T. M.
Fryery-Hill, K.
Futch, L. K.
Gore, J. L.
Gray, A. M.
Green, J.E.
Grill, S.
Gossett, D.
Haley, T.P.
Hamberlin, J.
Henderson, M.
Hershman, K.
Higginbotham, A.R.
Hill, M.J.
Hinson, C.E.
Holladay, L.C.
Hontzas, M.
Horn, C.
Hornikel, A.
Howard, R.K.
Hughes, T.
Hunsucker, J.
Hunter, C.M.
Ingram, J.W.
Jett, K.D.
Kay, S.D.
Keeton, J. L.
Kelly, C.D.
Kendrick, M.D.
Kennedy, B.
King, B.C.
King, I.L.
King, K.
King, M
Lafferty, L.N.
Leach, S.
Leavelle, T.D.
Livingston, R.
Long, L.E.
Luck, S.Y.
Mayfield, K.
Mays, S.
McDonald, K.
McKinney, C.
Mitchell, K.A.
Montgomery, H.
Moore, H.C.
Morgan, J.C.
Morris, A.
Myhand, A.L.
Neal, A.M.
Parker, P.
Perry, M.D.
Pettigrew, D.L.
Phillipson, A.N.
Poe, D.
Pool, S.C.
Porter, C.
Quigley, P.D
Reeves, D.
Rhoden, E.
Richardson, W.K.
Roberts, B.S.
Robisone, C.
Rogers, S.
Shadle, M.L.
Sims, R.W.
Smith, J.S.
Smith, J
Smith, L.S.
Smith, S. J.
Sparks, A.N.
Tennent, K
Terrell, E.M.
Thomas, B.
Thomas, C.
Thomas, E.L
Thomas, W.R.
Tilley, K.
Trotter, C.N
Tumblin, O.J.
Tunnell, E.
Vann, M.
Vetter, J.W.
Walker, B.L.
Waller, B.B.
Walton, L.
Warren, M.
Weeden, L.
Welch, M.R.
Wiley, S.
Williams, J.Q.
Windham, L.A.
Woods, I.
Wooten, E.
Young, E.
Young, K.K.

We are truly blessed to have the most incredible people on our team!