Dene Fulton


After completing a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education at  the College of Charleston and a bachelor degree in physical therapy at the Medical University of South Carolina, Dene then earned her Masters Degree in Adult Fitness at the University of Alabama.

Dene has worked in many challenging professional environments, and experienced multiple responsibilities such as program development, staff recruitment, managerial, patient care, marketing and industrial rehabilitation program coordinator. Her accomplishments were achieved through her work with Professional Therapy Services since its opening in 2000, as well as positions including Staff Physical Therapist at Lafayette County Schools, Director of Physical Therapy at Associated Rehabilitation Services and Director of Physical Therapy at Bibb County Medical Center.

In addition to her formal education and valuable work experience, Dene has continued her skill development and knowledge through many continuing education courses including Functional Capacity Evaluation, Examination and Treatment of Spine and Extremities, Post Surgical Rehabilitation and Protocols, Myofascial Manipulation, Introduction to Spinal Evaluation and Manipulation, Extremity Evaluation and Manipulation, Manual Therapy Review, Ergonomics and Job Analysis and Practical Approach, Interferrential Current Therapy in Clinical Practice, Electrotherapy and Thermal Agents , Effective Treatment Techniques for managed care, Physical Work Performance Evaluation and TMJ Evaluation and Treatment.