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Exercise For Fallen Arches

“Fallen arches,” commonly known as “flat feet,” is estimated to affect
up to 30% of the population, causing symptoms in ten percent of these
individuals. While both feet are usually affected, it is possible to have a
fallen arch on only one foot. Sources range from injuries, obesity, and
arthritis to aging, genetics, and pregnancy. Flat feet can develop due to
neurological or muscular diseases such as cerebral palsy, muscular
dystrophy, or spina bifida. Whatever the cause, it is important to treat flat
feet because they can lead to pain, stress, and imbalances in other parts
of the body. Physical therapy programs that include heel stretches, golf
ball rolls, arch lifts, calf raises, toe raises, and other exercises can help.
P.S. Physical therapy can sometimes correct flat feet caused by overuse
injuries or poor form or technique.